A safe and natural dermal filler range

Restylane is a range of dermal fillers and hydrating skin-boosters used for aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments.

What is Restylane ?

Restylane is an injectable gel-based, non-animal Hyaluronic Acid which when injected into the dermal layers binds itself with water thereby replenishing your own lost Hyaluronic acid in the cells. This action hydrates the skin and keeps it fresh, firm and healthy.

Restylane dermal fillers and skin boosters have been used in over 11 million anti-ageing treatments around the globe. Whether you are looking for a way to smooth away wrinkles, revitalise your skin or enhance your facial features (such as lips & cheeks) the Restylane range of dermal fillers can help make you feel more youthful.

Will treatment be comfortable?

A topical numbing cream is often applied to make your Restylane treatment as pain free as possible; the range of Restylane dermal fillers and skin boosters include added anaesthetic Lidocaine to make your treatment even more comfortable.

How long will the effects last?

The duration of effect depends on the individual; a number of factors affect the outcome of the treatment including: age, how much filler is injected, where it is placed, quality of skin, and general health & life style. The common case however is that the fillers lasts between 6 and 12 months.

Are there any side effects?

Following the procedure there may be localised redness, swelling or brusing around the injection site. However, if a Cannulea is used instead of a needle the bruising is considerably minimised. Most side effects are mild or moderate in nature and resolve within a few days.

Restylane range of products

  • Restylane Touch (for very fine lines)
  • Restylane (original, for moderate lines)
  • Restylane Perlane (for moderate to deep lines)
  • Restylane SubQ (for cheek enhancement, volume loss replacement)
  • Restylane Refresh (for hydrating and/or volumising lips)
  • Restylane Lipp (for lip enhancement)
  • Restylane Vital (for hydration of skin, skin boosters)

Soft Restoration Concept

What is Soft Restoration Concept?

Restylane Soft Restoration Concept (SRC) is a new, low-pain tissue injection method for restoring lost volume to the face. The method is based on a combination of Restylane Hyaluronic acid gel and a blunt Pix`L Micro Cannula. Treatment using this device results in almost no bruising or swelling and the patient is much more comfortable during the procedure; this method of applying Restlane inside the skin also minimizes the down time after the procedure.

Advantages for using PIX`L Cannula

  • Less painful - The blunt Cannula does not simply puncture the tissue like a sharp needle, but glides gently along the connective tissues. The blunt tip displaces the blood vessels without traumatising them.

  • Almost no tissue trauma - The inside and outside of the Cannula is smooth, and the blunt tip makes injury very unlikely. The Cannula is made of high-tech, surgical stainless steel and offers high resistance while also providing flexibility.

  • No down time - The preparation of individual treatment plans and extremely gentle technology allows the patient to return back to work on the same day. Any down time is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum.

  • With this method an individual part of the face as well as the whole face can be treated. Please note that for the build up of the face 2-3 sittings may be required.

  • Hollowed eyes - an innovation of the Cannula method specifically for treating dark circles or hollowed eyes is available and known as Tear Trough; it has stunning results on the right individual.

  • Usually many practitioners are reluctant to treat the highly sensitive eye region due to complications during treatment such as Heamatoma (bruising) and Odema (collection of fluid); using the Cannula for this is much safer and more comfortable.